About Us

So what is yourdailytee.com all about you may ask? Well basically we are a site reviewing the type of apparel we like to wear most and that happens to be t-shirts. To be more specific any kind of artsy to fandom shirts happening to be out there. Since there are so many retailers specializing in that type of shirts we decided to build a site that reviews all the retailers out there on the internet.

It started in the mids of the 2000 decade when the first limited edition shirts retailers appeared on the market and just escalated from 2010 when there seems to be a new retailer entering the market every month. To help you find the retailer(s) of your choice we would like to offer our reviews as a guide.

Types of sites we review

Basically there are three types of sites out there that we review:

  • Regular retailer
  • A shirt a day
  • Mix of the two

Now where is the difference between those types? A regular retailer does operate a shop with plenty of designs available at any given time, introducing and retiring designs here and there. A shirt a day sites on the other hand as the name suggests introduces a new design for a limited time. Typically there would be a new design each day at midnight and some sites offering yesterdays tees for a slightly higher price for last chance grabs. The last type would be ranging anywhere in between the previous two. Maybe having a weekly rotation of several designs, just putting another handful of designs on sale for a discount price each day or keeping a larger backlog of previous designs.

What do we review on?

There is a couple points we rate sites on and there has been a large debate about each and every one but after all we need a set of points to review on to make sites comparable.

Designs available
Size Options
Color Options
Cut Options
Shipping Rate
Shipping Time