Limited edition t shirts

What are limited edition t shirts? The short answer: Any shirt you see on this website is one. The long one is not quite as simple. A limited edition t shirt is a tee that is only available for either a limited time or limited stock. For most retailers featured on this site the first one is true, ranging from a single day – business model for a shirt a day sites – to several months – for more traditional retailing businesses – before designs go out of print.

Limited edition tees have been on the rise since the spread of internet usage to the general public. While more and more information was available only so where more and more products. What makes these sort of shirts so special is mostly that they don’t come off the rack and can be found at a major retailing chain but rather in speciality shops that cater from the pop cultural to the outmost geeky. And in the rare occassion you meet someone with a print you own, you know they got some great taste in clothing.

Production process: From idea to finished shirt

Info Graphic Limited Edition T Shirts: From Idea to Shirt

Info Graphic Limited Edition T Shirts: From Idea to Shirt

  1. Get artwork
    Merchants may either call freelance artists to send in their artwork or hire contracted artists to create designs.
  2. Design selection
    Once merchants gathered a certain number of designs they can put out for print, they have to select which of these are actually being produced. This can happen via an internal selection process or by letting their community choose which designs go to print.
  3. Shirt on sale
    After a design has been selected for print it goes on sale. For limited edition t shirts this can mean two things: Either limited by time available or by stock available. The limited time availability is the most common business model today. A design can be available for a very short, e.g. 24 hours (aka a shirt a day), or an extended period of time such as several weeks.
  4. Shirt goes to print
    Shirts that are available only for a short time, a couple days after the sale ends the actually ordered shirts are being printed and shipped to buyers. Shirts available for an extended period of time may either be pre produced to have a certain stock ready or printed just in time.
  5. Delivery
    At the end there is a happy customer on one side wearing their new limited edition shirt.
  6. Artist Revenue
    And on the other side there is the artist getting their share of the revenue for their design produced. Depending on a merchants terms this can be a certain share per shirt sold or a fixed amount.
  7. So why not have a look at all those shirts with limited availability on our front page? Your daily tee