Design by Humans

About Design by Humans

Design by Humans ( was founded in 2007 and is one of the older members of the limited edition tee community. They aim to bring artists from all around the world together to publish wearable art that tells a story. Since its foundation over 15.000 artists have seen their works released at Design by Humans. Besides tees they offer case prints for all kinds of popular phones and prints in2 various sizes.

Designs available

Since Design by Humans was founded to bring artists together for wearable art the designs do range from artsy to pop cultural but not quite as geeky as other places around. Number of prints available adds up to several hundred in several well filled categories.

Design of the day – Current Design by Humans sale

Design by Humans
Space Diver
by AshenWorks

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Tee (men and women)

Design by Humans states to only use t shirts that are produced sweatshop and child labor free as well as environmental friendly printing techniques. In general shirt sizes range from Small to 2XL for men and Small to X-Large for women. In theory there is also a 3XL size for men but more often than not this is said to be sold out for most designs looked at for this review. Shirt color options for prints do range from one through ten depending on the selected design but you can expect a good handful of fitting colors available per design.

Price range and shipping

There is a single flat price for all tees and that is $24.00 for male or female cut. In case you can find a 3XL size the price adds up to $25.00 and also some prints are available with a slight discount for $22.00 flat. While not having a deal of the day for a discounted price Design by Humans got what they call tee grinder. Just select your size and gender and you get a selection of three random tees for $25.00. All prints are done in California and shipped worldwide. Shipping costs start at $4.00 for a single shirt to be shipped domestic or international. Usual shipping time of 3-5 business days for domestic and 7-14 for international delivery applies.


Design by Humans is calling for quite a price for their tees but that for a good cause to allow for fair produced apparel. While not having a deal of the day their tee grinder is a nice spin on the a shirt a day idea. When you are up for a bit of gambling and not too picky about the design you want but just want to wear something for the sake of design.