Once Upon a Tee

About Once Upon a Tee

Once Upon a Tee (www.onceuponatee.net) there was a… uhm, sorry our bad. That’s a tee of course there and not time though its offer might be just as magical as a fairy tale at times. Founded in 2013 Once Upon a Tee is still a fairly new player in the field compared to other retailers.

Designs available

Once Upon a Tee is got a limited range of themed designs available on a weekly rotation featuring designs from one video game, movie, tv show or other pop culture related stuff. While shirts are up for sale only for a week before being retired there is also a bit of a backlog called the vault. This pretty much is the left over buffet with a limited range of prints and sizes from weeks before. So they can be best described as an a shirt a day retailer with a bit of a twist.

Current Once upon a tee sales

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Coupons & Promotions

Currently there are no coupons or promotions available for Once Upon a Tee

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Tees (men, women, kids and baby/toddlers)
  • Hoodies (unisex pullover or zipper)/li>
  • Sweatshirt
  • Tank Top (unisex)
  • Baby Onesies

Once Upon a Tee uses blanks by Gildan for their prints of tees and hoodies. As with quite a range of others and what seems to be standard with a shirt a day sites nowadays there is no real color options for the blanks to be used. You may get one or two color options between shirts and different cut types. Sizewise they do a way better job again in even offering baby/toddler size apparel. Men tees and hoodies are available in Small through 4XL, women tees ind Small through 3XL and kids from X-Small (2/4) to X-Large (18/20).

Price range and shipping

Prices for tees start at $12.00 per cut in the weekly deal from smallest size through XL. 2XL adds $2.00, 3XL and 4XL $3.00 and $4.00 respectively. Hoodies start at $25.00 for the pullover and $30.00 for the zipped version, addon prices for sizes apply as above. There are also collections with a varying amount of shirts in them available for a starting price of $11.00 per shirt in the bundle. Another point to note about their pricing would be that for the after hours sale (up for 3 days after the package official initial sale ends) prices start at $15.00, $28.00 and $33.00 respectively. Shipment currently is available worldwide from the United States. Domestic shipping starts at around $3.69 for a single shirt. International shipment is $5.99 for most countries for a single shirt. The usual 3-5 business days for domestic and 1-4 weeks for international delivery should be allowed for. There are no express options available as of time of this review.

Customer Loyalty Program

Once Upon a Tee is one of the view retailers out there to give customers a bit of an incentive program in forms of reward rupees. Per dollar spent in the shop a customer gets a reward rupee in their personal account. These allow to be used as an up to 5% discount for one of the next orders.


Their twist of offering a range of shirts for a week and offering packages with a slight discount for returning customers makes them stand out a bit among retailers. Since they use good quality shirts and fair prices Once Upon a Tee is a clear recommendation to be looked out for. They also do not put quite as much pressure on you than a regular a shirt a day retailer but give you a full week (plus after hours) to grab your shirts and therefore ease the pressure for impulse buys put on you some.