Shirt Punch

About Shirt Punch

Shirt Punch ( stepping into the scene in 2011 and is a true a shirt a day retailer also offering decals and cases for phones, tablets, laptops and consoles. No other offers no nothing and that has been our review. But seriously lets look at the details.

Designs available

As a true a shirt a day retailer Shirt Punch got exactly a couple new fresh prints for you available each day and only on this day (four as of September 2014). No exceptions made. Well, the do reserve the right to reprint a design that has been featured before like other retailers in that sector. The tees hide either in the pop culture or tv section but with one influencing the other you can’t draw a clear line between the sections. New desings are up for sale daily at midnight EST.

Current Shirt Punch sale

Get In Shape
by Artist not set
Saiyan Bros 3
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Star Workout
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Uncle All Might
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Coupons & Promotions

Currently there are no coupons or promotions available for Shirtpunch

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Tees (short sleeve unisex, short sleeve kids, fitted male and female, long sleeve)
  • Hoodies (unisex zipper or pullover)

Shirt Punch only uses blanks by Gildan for their prints. What they lack in available designs as per their business model they fully make up for with the available apparel types and sizing. All type are available from Small to 2XL with Unisex Tees up to 4XL and kids tees only to X-Large. There are no coloring options though but each design is printed on well harmonizing colored tee.

Price range and shipping

All shirts come at a flat price only adding up some for sizes 2XL and above. Short sleeves come in for $10.00-$13.50, long sleeve $15.00-$16.50 while hoodies start at $19.99. All shirts are printed and shipped worldwide from Canada. Shirt Punch does request to allow two weeks after order for shipping within North America and 4-12 weeks for international orders. Typically you might expect your order within 2 weeks after shipment for most countries as is the case with most other retailers.


As it is with all a shirt a day retailers you never know if you might like their next days offer even better. It is that rush from being torn apart if you should get that design or not with the countdown ruthlessly ticking away. With their fairly large apparel options and other products on offer they make up more than enough for the flaws a true a shirt a day retailing business model does have to cope with.