Sunfrog Shirts

About Sunfrog Shirts

Sunfrog Shirts ( like Teepublic has a very artist centric approach giving them a similar level of control as the before mentioned shop. Sunfrog Shirts was founded in 2013 and operates from Gayloard, MI. Since then they have become one of the largest players in the general t-shirt business.

Designs available

Sunfrog states that you can search over 1,000,000 designs. Taking a look at the many categories and number of shirts listed in it you can get the impression that this isn’t too far from the truth but at least ranges in the several tens of thousands. Since Sunfrog itself has to be put in the general t-shirt niche besides Geek themed shirts in categories such as Movies, TV shows and video games you find more general funny shirts aplenty. These can be found in categories such as Camping, Faith, Fitness, Automotive and a couple more. Lastly you can also find more or less official holidays such as St. Patricks Day when it is the season.

Current Sun Frog Shirts sales

Goodbye Naruto
by Artist not set
Heavy Metals
I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good
by monkeyTron
Keep Calm And Kill Zombies
by monkeyTron
Keep Calm And Sing Soft Kitty
by monkeyTron
Mordor University
by monkeyTron
Sysadmin – Heroes
by Artist not set
Zombies Eat Flesh Subway Parody
by Artist not set

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Shirts (male and female)
  • Hoodies (unisex)
  • Long sleeve sweats (unisex)
  • Kids shirts
  • Women’s tank top

With several unisex, male and female as well as kids cuts for shirts Sun Frog puts a fair range available to fit ones taste. In addition they also offer Hoodies, long sleeve sweat shirts and women tank tops. For size ranges please refer to the table below. Since Sunfrog does have a similarly artist centric approach as Teepublic they put them in control. This does mean that a design is either available as just unisex shirt or all cuts and sizes with a hand full of colors available per cut. It really does depend on the artist if the design you desire is available in the cut, size and color you would prefer. Though with the number of designs up for sale it would be save to say there has to be a design that fits those requirements for every customer. Most of the t-shirt blanks come from Delta while ladies cuts and hoodie blanks come from Gildean.

Sunfrog Size Chart

The table below does show current sizes available per type and cut for most of Sunfrog Shirts offerings. The list may not be complete for any kind of product but does give a good meassure for most items available.

TypeMale or UnisexFemaleKids
T-ShirtS to 3XLXS to 3XLXS to XL
V-Neck T-ShirtS to 2XLS to 2XLn.a.
HoodieS to 4XLn.a.n.a.
SweaterS to 2XLn.a.n.a.
Tanktopn.a.XS to 3XLn.a.

Price range and shipping

Just like the designs artists are also in control of the prices. Therefore just a general price range can be put up here. Currently shirts range from 19$ to 35$ while hoodies are called up for $29 to $45. Sunfrog ships almost worldwide and currently to more than 180 countries. Domestic deliveries should allow for 5-7 business days after shipment and international delivery may take two to four weeks like most international deliveries. Since the shipping costs are individually calculated per weight and destination no costs can be given at this point but we expect a usual postage price of 3-5$ for domestic and 5-10$ for most international orders for a single t-shirt.

BBB Review for Sunfrogs

BBB awards a top rating of A+ for Sunfrog, being a BBB accreddited business since Januar 2016. Compared to the sheer size of items available there are only little complaints about Sunfrog found here. As expected most of the issues arise around delivery problems or items bought. The vast majority of those issues though could be resolved to the respective customers satisfaction. The full BBB Busines Review for Sunfrog, LLC can be found here.


With their huge catalogue Sunfrog in a short time has become a major player in the t-shirt retailing business, serving thousands of customers every day. This also being a reason why there is a relatively high number of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but in relation to the vast number of orders this is far less than a friction of a percent. Most of the complaints are about delayed delivery with most of them identified as having provided incorrect delivery addresses or payment details which caused the delay. So please be careful to double check your delivery data when you need your items at a certain time as a present or something. Though this of course is true for every retailer. Since Sun Frog does not just trade in all shirts geeky but also general funny shirts you might find some for your mom, dad, sibling or best buddy not into the geek stuff you are into.