Tee Fury

About Tee Fury

Tee Fury (www.teefury.com) is one of the oldest sites in the scene founded in 2008 by artists with a liking for limited edition shirts. By their mission statement Tee Fury aims “To bring artistic parody, satire, and social commentary to every fandom”.

Designs available

And by bringing it to the fandom they sure do. While of course you would see plenty designs of recent fandom attention there are also gems in there you do not see every day. Even for such a niche market as limited edition fandom shirts some of the design are in a niche of their own. Designs available range within a fair three digit numbers. All prints are sorted in a main category as well as sub categories that depending on the main category are not always necessary since there are also plenty of empty subcategories on the list. Furthermore out of print designs can be voted for by users to be brought back. So you might see a fan favorite once more.

Current Tee Fury sale

Saiyan Under The Sun
by ddjvigo
Starry Science
by ddjvigo

Coupons & Promotions

Currently there are no coupons or promotions available for Tee Fury

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Tee (men and women)

With Tee Fury you get your standard range of sizes for both men and women from Small to 3XL. For most prints there is only a single shirt color available while the daily deal and a couple shirts in the gallery may be available with more tee color options. Just do not expect too much of it. Most tees do fit the color chosen for its print nicely. Shirts start their journey in the gallery and will be moving on to become a daily deal available for a bargain price before being gone forever unless brought back through votes. Daily deals end at midnight EST.

Price range and shipping

Every shirt in the gallery does come for a flat price of $18.00 and $11.00 for the daily deal respectively. There is an add-on of $1.00 for 2XL and $2.00 for 3XL sizes. All prints are shipped from the United States with domestic shipping starting at $3.00 and $4.00 for international shipping for a single tee. Shipping time is usually a couple days for domestic delivery and 7-14 days for international. There is no express shipment option.


With their large gallery and fair pricing for a flat price as well as reasonable international shipping rates Tee Fury is a great shop when you don’t live in the US. The possibility to bring prints back from the graveyard to the gallery is also a nice option to make you hope for a print to return that you missed out on.