Tee Villain

About Tee Villain

Tee Villian (www.teevillain.com) is a shirt a day retailer with a strong focus on the dark, sinister, morbid or straight out horror coming across in a steam punky shop. Tee Villain came to live deep within the swamps of Louisiana at an unknown time to hold another shirt hostage each day to demand a ransom from the world to fund eventual world domination. Or so the legend says.

Designs available

As a shirt a day retailer the Tee Villain only holds one kind of shirt hostage each day. Well also a couple other hostages taken early that were not willed to be bought their original ransom for. But since world domination got to be funded somehow its still better to get them out the next day still than having to get rid of the corpses, right? The new hostage is presented to the public at midnight EST each day.

Shirt on sale currently held captive by Tee Villain

Tee Villain
Samurai Slasher
by  VincentTrinidad

Coupons & Promotions

Currently there are no coupons or promotions available for Tee Villain

Sizes, material and color options

Available apparel types

  • Tees (male, female and kids)

Sizewise the villain does not bother to hold really big shirts hostage but only bothers with those from X-Small through 3XL. For color options there is only one or two colors available per design. But with a sinister plotting villain and designs like these do you really want any other color but black for your shirt?

Price range and shipping

The shirt of the day is available for $11.00 X-Small through X-Large. Any of the prints coming from the back log come as cheap as $9.00 or as expensive as $14.00 depending on the design. For any shirt 2XL and 3XL add another $2.00 to the price. All shirts are being shipped from the villain’s secret lair somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana by its loyal minions worldwide. Domestic shipping starts at $3.00 for a single shirt and up to $7.00 for destinations worldwide. Since the minions are not the fastest around you should allow 3-5 business days for domestic and 7-14 for international shipment (holidays and secret world police plots not included as the villain would like to stress out).


Tee Villain is a pretty unique shop with its overall theme and focus on the morbid and sinister. If you got a knack for this Tee Villain sure is a shop to keep looking at for your daily shopping. For everyone else its a daily decision whether or not you like their designs but for a fair $11.00 you can’t do much wrong.